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Many times I asked myself: Is there any chance to help music come true? Is it even appropriate to describe music with words. Doesn't it already destroy the poetry if I read about music? The most inspiring music uses the human voice just as an instument and it is comprehensible to everyone in the audience - especially if they are not even speaking the respective language. When they feel the speech deep in the guts, in the mind, somewhere, where there is nothing more to say. I think that the album Black Eyes works exactly like that. Because of its depth. Whenever you dive into these black eyes you will get lost. That does not really make sense, but it feels really awesome. What am I writing about? Sorry, I have no clue. Well... looks like that's the way it works.
Kai Schmidt

20th anniversary

Foto: Bester Fotograf! (Maxim Abrossimov)

Jetzt gibt es uns schon 20 Jahre. Neben dem großen Jubiläumskonzert im April feiern wir das dieses Jahr noch zu ein paar Gelegenheiten mit großer Besetzung, also mit Horns und Drums. Die güldenen Konzerte... Finden könnt Ihr sie hier.

About "Absinto Orkestra"

Dashing full speed from stage to stage in Germany, the Absinto Orkestra is one of the Balkan-Beat Express' haul engines. And this is going on for than 15 years. Inspired by the mesmerizing rhythms of eastern european wedding music, five musicians tell their very own story: A story about the violine players love for classical music, the guitar players passion for Django Reinhardt, the saxophone players devotion for Jazz and the russian origin of the bass player as well as the bessarabian roots of the mandolin player.

Absito live on the stage is not only an irresistible invitation to sing and dance and clap along. It is also like celebrating anthems of life comprising everything that makes up our short existance: love, evanescence, desire, melancholy and frenzy.

  • Stefan Ölke Stefan Ölke (acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin) learned how to pull the strings in a mandolin orchestra. He also beats the drums in a samba-batucada and composes for theater plays. He obtained his qualities as a frontman during the times beeing a street musician in Germany, France and Italy.
  • Jo Schappert Jo Schappert (acoustic guitar / vocals) got his first guitar in 1978. Ever since then he explores the world of six strings and draws inspiration by every kind of music he likes. He was playing on stage with rock bands just as happily as alone with a dobro or classical guitar. He also acts as a composer and Manager for Absinto.
  • Jolly Reinig Jolly Reinig (violin) does not only honour his grandfathers old stage costume. Also he plays granddad's devilish fiddle. Just like in the old fashioned way, he can let it weep or gallop until the bow's hairs are glowing.
  • Pavel Klimashevski Pavel Klimashevsky (string bass) keeps the rhythm of the Absinto bunch together. But occasionally he can't help it to go for some escapades. His affinity for modern Jazz lets him flirt with appealing virtuoso passages from time to time. But also he presents solid and almost rough bass sounds - with a lot of power and love. Furthermore his compositions and arrangements expand the Absinto universe, presenting even more and delicate facets.
  • Francois Heun As the most recent improvement, Francois Heun mixes folk and jazz scales like hell and thrives the harmonics to the max. Additionally he loves excessive dynamics usage witha mischievous smile.
  • Mehr Musiker Sometimes on stage Absinto Orkestra is looking slightly different, whilst the sound remains similar: Clinton Heneke often supports us as singer and percussionist, Bastian Weinig is frequently paying the double bass, Frank Völker is helping out with percussion from time to time and also our Gadjo Records boss Hans Bender sometimes appears as composer, on the microphone or even as bass player. On special occasions Thomas Rohoska swings by with his accordeon. And sometimes, if two guitars aren't just enough, we enjoy pure guitar delight with Joscho Stephan oder Lulo Reinhardt.