• Of course you can attend one of our concerts to enjoy the music, but you can also listen to one of our recordings which we produced the last few years:

    Our CDs
    Leeheim Leeheim (Live) feat. Joscho Stephan
    Luna Luna
    Jovana Jovanke
    Girls, Girls, Girls

    Recorded 2016, released 2017, a live-CD , with some guest musicians wich was made in order to bring the atmosphere of absinto live gigs on CD.


    # Gadje
    Wohin die Reise geht
    Sieben Sachen
    Baina Banal
    Fuli Tschai

    Gadje was released in 2010. It means in the language of the Roma "the ones who don't belong" and it took us quite some time, hanging out in sound studio of our former string bass player Hans Bender. He now is the boss of our recent label "Gadjo Records". The album is a cross section through the Absinto universe with a very neat sound, some nice lyrics in German and mostly important: with our summer hit per se "Komme was da wolle" (come what may). Also we were confirmed by trusted sources tha a double load of this CD is able to exhaust kids up to six years old, so that they peacefully go to sleep after heearing.

    # Schwarze Augen (Black eyes)
    Die Chauffeurin
    Schwarze Augen
    Die Grüne Fee

    It was recorded in the sound studion Schweinestall (that means pigsty) and clearly reveals, how Absinto was initially characterized by the accordion beeing a melody and a harmony instrument simultaneosly. The album reminds of the traditional folklore of East Europeans, but also sticks with absinto-special traits.

    # Vogels Hochzeit (Vogel's wedding)
    Ich weiß...
    Lunas Welt
    Da liegst Du nun...

    The debut feature of the Absinto Orkestra comprises the origins, compositions explicitly written for a theater play by Kai Schmidt. Some peaces were part of the oevre, some were background music. The instrumentation was quite unfamiliar for absinto-connoisseurs, but the recognition value was not.

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